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Bhutan Utpala Tours welcomes you to the Land of Thunder Dragon and the country where the philosophy of Gross National Happiness was coined – Bhutan.

It is with great pleasure that we as a travel company have the opportunity to showcase our preserved pristine environment and culture which is so unique in it’s richness and beauty that we believe will mesmerize you in every way during your stay in Bhutan with us.

We are registered with the Tourism Council of Bhutan (TCB) and Association of Bhutanese Tour Operators (ABTO). We have had many experiences before and gained valuable insights on conducting a tour thus making us much more efficient and aware of our client’s expectations and needs. We strive in each of our endeavor to make your holiday a special one in every way possible as we understand travelling on a vacation is a complex process of logistics and timings taking most of your time and focus and we would like to take that away from you and let you enjoy your holidays to the fullest.

Please come and experience the Bhutanese way of life, and its rich flora & fauna with Bhutan Utpala Tours. We look forward to serving you and making your visit the most memorable and enriching one.

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Your travel guide to Bhutan

We specialize in Culture, Nature and Adventure. Our cultural tour packages focus not only around showing the tangible attributes of Bhutan’s customs and traditions, but also how these age-old values help define the Bhutanese identity and way of life. On nature, our expertise lies in birding, butterfly tours, botanical tours and wildlife safari. High and medium altitude treks, biking, kayaking and walking tours comprise our adventure packages.

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Bhutan Tour & Packages

Planning a trip to Bhutan can be time consuming. That's why we have carefully designed tour packages that offer you a hassle-free way to experience Bhutan, with everything taken care of by our small team of experts, right from the booking process until the end of your trip.


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Cultural Tours

We will arrange various culture tours, upon our clients demand, and take you right to the heart of Bhutan. With ...


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If you have any special interest or specific needs and constraints, we are happy to discuss and offer a personalized service to suit your needs.